We accept nearly all insurance plans.

Our office staff will provide answers to any questions you may have regarding fees and billings. Fees depend on the effort required to help your problems and take into account the advanced specialized training and experience of your physician in dealing with your unique needs. Aside from our office consultations or hospital visits, your physician spends long hours reviewing records  and test  results, consulting by  phone, letter, and in person with other doctors regarding your special health needs, and reviewing current and past medical literature for new and better ways to improve your health. Monthly statements may reflect payments your health plan may not have paid. Other payment arrangements will be taken care of individually.

Additional Charges Your Insurance May NOT Cover: 


     There is a $25 fee for failed appointments.

Vista Del Mar Medical Group has a very busy practice will many chronically ill patients. Your failure to keep your appointment meant that a patient who needs our services may have been scheduled at a later or less convenient time. Please be courteous to other patients and to the office schedule by  keeping your appointments.


Please be aware that the “No Show” charge is not a fee your insurance will pay. Additionally, the “No Show” fee will be waived each time the office is notified of a cancellation prior to the scheduled appointment time. 



     There is a $20 base fee for the copying of medical records.

For the most up-to-date information on our accepted private health insurance plans: 

contact our office via phone


For questions or concerns regarding your

bill with your Vista Del Mar physician, please contact our billing service: 


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