While in the process of changing our primary care physician, we discovered we had failed to obtain critical information while at the new physician's office. Our important appointment was in jeopardy. The physician's office staff suggested that Roberta be called, which they did. Roberta asked to speak to us, and verified who we were by asking salient questions. No fooling around, she was terrific, very responsive and we were able to obtain the critical information we needed. Besides that, she is always very cordial, and when we arrive for our appointments in the Oxnard Vista Del Mar office, we relax a bit. Roberta saved my appointment and my day. Thank you again!!!!


-Patrick & Rose F.

 March 15, 2014



Everything about  my  experience has been great. I  wish the staff was my  primary  care  physician's staff. It  seems that  this is the only one of my  doctors who  cares and tries to  figure out  what  is wrong with me, and if she can't she finds someone who can. Thank you to everyone here!


-comment from patient survey

November 11, 2015

My wife and I are  extremely  grateful  to  Dr. Dana for always taking time during  my  appointments to  answer all of our  questions. Dr. Dana is caring, compassionate and truly  concerned when it  comes to  my health and well being. My  1st  visit was nearly  a year ago after  being released from the hospital. With the help of Dr. Dana (and my  wife) my  kidney  function is stable, potassium is good and my  blood pressure has been regulated. Thank you and God bless you Dr. Dana.

-George Carerra

January 10, 2017

I  cannot tell you how much  Dr. Mortazavi's words meant to my family  when he spoke to  us at the hospital. It  made things much  easier. This office has been great. My  dad was lucky to have been  seen here.


-Maria Kays & Family

January 2017

Many thanks to Dr. Mortazavi for his effective analysis and recommendation. He is an extraordinary  doctor and human being.

-Mark McGhee

May 2017

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